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LarianTech specializes in advanced monitoring solutions for laboratories. We provide state-of-the-art devices for climate control, cold storage monitoring, and comprehensive data management, ensuring precision and reliability for all your laboratory needs.


Our goal is to deliver excellence in service and performance.


Monitoring extreme temperature variations from freezing to scorching.

Larian Tech is dedicated to delivering advanced monitoring solutions for laboratories. Our products include cutting-edge devices for climate control, cold storage monitoring, and comprehensive data management, ensuring precision and reliability.

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Cloud Monitoring

The comprehensive data management guarantees accuracy and dependability.

Our advanced cloud, monitoring solutions ensure real-time data collection.
This feature provides you with actionable insights to optimize laboratory operations.
But utilizing state of the art technology, we assist you in upholding the upmost levels of precision and productivity.

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Custom Solutions

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Effortless solutions for monitoring- The KTECH series:


The Gateway Device by Larian Tech is the central hub for all data received from connected node devices. This device ensures seamless communication for comprehensive monitoring.


Advanced monitoring capabilities for modern laboratories. Wireless communication with a range of up to 200 meters. Guarantees uninterrupted data transmission.

Node Lite

Our compact and battery-powered monitoring device, designed for flexibility and convenience. It offers robust features to meet various laboratory needs. Work on a rechargeable battery.

Spill Tech

Introducing the state-of-the-art Liquid Monitoring Device by Larian Tech. It is designed to provide unmatched security through continuous monitoring of your important resources. Coming soon!

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Walk-in Freezer by Larian Tech


The Larian Tech Walk-in Freezer, designed to meet the highest standards of laboratory cold storage. This advanced cold chamber ensures precise temperature control and reliable performance for sensitive materials and experiments.

Key Features:


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At LarianTech, we believe in connecting with our customers and industry professionals through direct interaction. That’s why we frequently participate in events and trade shows worldwide. These events provide a great opportunity for you to see our innovative monitoring solutions in action, meet our expert team, and discuss how we can help optimize your laboratory operations.

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Advancements in Cell Culture Laboratory Automation

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Key Benefits

Why Choose Our Integrated Monitoring System

Our comprehensive monitoring solutions are designed to provide unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use for all your needs. Here are the key benefits of choosing Larian Tech:

Our devices ensure accurate monitoring down to -200°F, guaranteeing reliable data for all your critical applications.

Easily add new devices and users as your monitoring needs grow, without compromising performance.

Intuitive dashboards and displays make it easy for anyone on your team to manage and interpret data.

Robust cloud services protect your data with advanced security measures, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

Stay informed with instant notifications via text, email, or app, allowing for prompt responses to any issues.

Tailor our devices and services to meet your specific requirements, providing flexibility and adaptability.

Enhance Your Lab with Our Solutions

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KTECH Gateway

The Ktech Gateway serves as the central data hub for all connected node devices, featuring a 10” display for real-time monitoring.

KTECH Gateway

The Ktech Gateway serves as the central data hub for all connected node devices, featuring a 10” display for real-time monitoring.


The Node Device by Larian Tech offers advanced monitoring capabilities essential for modern laboratories. It provides wireless communication with a range of up to 200 meters from its gateway, ensuring seamless data transmission.

KTECH Node Lite

The Node Lite by Larian Tech is a compact, battery-powered monitoring device. Designed for flexibility and convenience in laboratory settings.


coming soon

The SpillTech Device by Larian Tech is engineered for effective spill detection. It ensures safety and compliance for management in laboratory settings.

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